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Residential Mulch & Rock Ground Covering

Give your landscaping that refreshing look with new mulch, rock or other ground cover.

A landscape bed can make your yard look more symmetrical and improve its overall appearance. Dolan's Outdoor Services installs landscape beds as well as ground coverings for residential customers living in Washington, PA. Upper Saint Clair and McMurray. Decorative rock and various types of mulch can make attractive ground coverings that improve your home’s value as well as its aesthetics. Some possibilities for ground coverings in this area include:

Of course, the above represent only a handful of possible ground coverings for your landscape beds. We present you with a list of all available products when we meet with you for a consultation. We are happy to offer our input based on the unique properties of your lawn and landscape beds, but the choice is ultimately yours. After the consultation, we schedule a time to arrive at your property to install your new ground coverings.

Mulch Installation

Depending on the type of mulch you choose, we lay an initial layer, typically two inches in depth. After the first intallation we add 1-1.5 inches of coating as it begins to break down over time.While spreading mulch, we are careful to keep it several inches from the base of your plants so they can grow unencumbered. Our crew also makes sure not to lay the mulch too thick.

Mulch Blowing

Mulch Blowing is used to cover larger areas with mulch. We choose this method because it achieves a uniform, even application with little waste. When mulching a large area, this method is fast and more efficient, which that saves you money. The thickness of mulch can depending on the needs of each job. We will do all the calculations on how much mulch you will need for your property. Typically it is recommended that 2” of mulch is put down then you can add to that occasionally as the mulch begins to break down over time. 

Decorative Rock Installation

Homeowners or inexperienced lawn and landscape workers sometimes just dump rock on or near a landscape bed without preparing it first. This can crush plants as well as grass. Dolan's Outdoor Services places a fabric over the bed after first cutting it to the bed’s dimensions. We leave a hole for any plants already in the landscape bed.

After adequately preparing the landscape bed, we shovel or pour rocks into it a little bit at a time. We provide rock coverage up to several inches deep while not disturbing anything already growing. Our crew cleans up anything that didn’t make it into the landscape bed as well as unused ground coverings.

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