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Ground Coverings

Commercial property owners in Washington, PA, Upper Saint Clair, McMurray & surrounding areas.

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Commercial Mulch & Rock Ground Covering

Refresh your commercial property landscaping with new mulch, rock or other ground cover.

Adding professional landscaping to your business or commercial property will add to the overall appearance and professionalism your customers will see. Dolan's Outdoor Services will spread fresh mulch or rock ground coverings after your landscaping has been designed and installed, this is one of the final steps when installing new landscaping. A few types of mulch and decorative rock you could choose are:

We can also refresh your mulch with a fresh coating of new mulch. Mulch begins to break down over time and will need refreshed to maintain the beauty of your landscaping. After the first installation of mulch, this is usually laid approximately 2 inches thick, refreshing your mulch will be laid about 1”-1 ½” thick.  

Mulch Blowing

Mulch blowing is a service for covering large areas with mulch. This is most commonly seen on large hillsides, open areas and large playgrounds. Using a mulch blower, we can evenly spread mulch across the large area more efficiently than doing it by hand. The thickness at which we blow the mulch will depend on the job, but typically we apply a 2-inch depth on initial mulch installation and then refresh with an inch or so as it breaks down over time.

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