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Leaf removal cleanup at a home in Washington, PA.

Residential Yard Cleanups & Leaf Removal in Washington, Waynesburg, & McMurray, PA

Seasonal spring and fall yard cleanups and leaf removal help keep your lawn and landscape clear of yard debris.

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Seasonal Yard Cleanups & Fall Leaf Removal in Washington, PA & Surrounding Areas

Let us keep your yard clear of fallen leaves with our leaf removal services.

Debris can quickly accumulate in your lawn throughout the year, and it can become a tough task to manage without routine seasonal spring and fall cleanups. Our team provides those yard cleanups as well as fall leaf removal.

Watching the leaves change colors and fall from the trees of your home in Washington, Waynesburg or McMurray, PA can be beautiful and tranquil. You would probably enjoy it a lot more if the annual shedding of leaves didn’t create so much extra work. You already mow your lawn weekly and keep up with other household maintenance tasks. Now you must rake leaves as well. Dolan's Outdoor Services provides a better alternative: let us do it for you.

Spring Cleanups Clear Your Yard from Winter Debris

Once the snow melts and we are into the spring season, we conduct a spring yard cleanup. During a spring cleanup, we remove debris from landscape beds and lawns, edge your beds, and selectively prune shrubs that benefit from early pruning. We also apply a pre-emergent weed control treatment at this time. 

Clearing debris from your lawn allows your grass to effectively absorb the nutrients it needs to be strong throughout the Pennsylvania growing season. 

What to Expect with Our Leaf Removal Service

How this yard looks in Washington, PA before and after our leaf removal services.

Having a lawn full of leaves is not only unsightly, but it can also introduce fungus, mold, and lawn diseases as well. When your lawn is covered in leaves, the grass can’t get the sunlight it needs or absorb enough water for healthy growth. You may also find leaves, twigs, and other debris covering your landscape beds or littering your window wells.

We round up all leaves and debris and dispose of it for you. Our crew has the advantage of using professional equipment such as leaf blowers that most homeowners don’t keep on hand.

Other Fall Cleaning Tasks We Provide

Leaves and twigs also have a way of clogging up gutters when they fall from trees. Removing them from your gutters in the fall prevents mold and fungus and allows for the free flow of water during the winter. If you don’t clean the gutters before winter arrives, ice and snow could cover the leaves, twigs, and other debris for months. We also cut off any grasses and spent perennials.

Don’t hesitate to ask if you need help with other fall clean-up chores. We’re here to make the transition from fall to winter go as smoothly as possible.

Contact us for professional seasonal spring and fall cleanups and leaf removal services.

Raking leaves and bagging them can take up a lot of your time in the fall, especially if you want to keep your lawn clear so it can keep absorbing nutrients. Our team can come out and professionally remove leaves and perform fall cleanups so your yard looks great during the autumn. We also provide spring yard cleanups after winter has passed. Contact us at (724) 350-1351 to discuss an estimate for your residential property in Washington, Waynesburg, McMurray, or surrounding Pennsylvania areas.