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Residential Shrub Trimming

Shrub & Minor Tree Trimming

A shrub is a short, woody plant that can make your yard look neat and even when properly trimmed. An overgrown shrub not only looks sloppy, it can invite disease as well. Many homeowners in Washington, PA, Upper Saint Clair, McMurray and the surrounding communities find that they don’t have time to invest in upkeep of their shrubs. They may also not have the right tools. When you contract Dolan's Outdoor Services you can relax knowing that your shrubs are getting the maintenance they need so you can enjoy the many benefits they provide you.

What to Expect When We Trim Your Shrubs

Cutting the branches of shrubs to an appropriate length is essential for them to benefit from sun exposure. Our crew evaluates sun exposure in your yard and then trims the overgrown branches from your shrubs to maximize it.

After checking the length of the outside branches, we start working on the base of the plant. We look for signs of disease on the inner branches, which often appear dead or yellow. If we discover any branches that could harm the overall health of your shrubs, we remove them right away. We also remove branches and leaves on the ground around your shrubs so the wind doesn’t blow them away and possibly spread disease to your lawn and other trees.

We Also Offer Minor Tree Trimming

Your full-sized trees can benefit from minor trimming to discourage disease and decay. If you don’t do this, it could affect the strength of the tree’s root system. Removing dying leaves and branches makes way for healthy ones to grow in their place and ensures that your trees survive for decades. Another thing to consider is that the branches of very tall trees can end up on your roof, in your gutters, and on top of electrical wires. We stay on top of things so this doesn’t happen. Please call Dolan's Outdoor Services at (724) 350-1351 today to schedule a shrub or minor tree trimming service.

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