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Sod Installation

Perhaps you moved into your home in Washington, PA knowing that you would have to replace the grass with new sod eventually. The house was perfect in every other way, so you accepted its unhealthy and unattractive lawn. You could have had a beautiful lawn at one point, but years of occasional harsh weather, foot traffic, and owning pets have taken a toll. Whatever your situation, the sod installation experts at Dolan's Outdoor Services are available to replace your lawn with healthy new sod.

What is Sod?

Some people think that sod is artificial grass but this is incorrect, it’s fresh grass that is grown in strips. Roots, soil, and other materials hold the new grass together. When you don’t have the time or desire to work on a brown, patchy, and unhealthy lawn, replacing it with rows of sod can be ideal. Unlike planting grass seed, sod provides you with a new lawn instantly. It requires less watering than seeds, grows faster, and has less weeds (if any). You can mow the lawn for the first time after a couple weeks.

How We Lay Sod at Your Washington Home

Before we place strips of sod, we first need to create a smooth surface by removing roots and other debris from your lawn. Next, we rake the soil and install brick, concrete, plastic, or steel edging. After adding compost and topsoil, we create a base to hold your new grass by grading the soil surface. We provide each strip of grass with the appropriate nutrients and lay them in neat rows across the base. Once installed, we water the grass and apply fertilizer to prompt its continued growth.

Before leaving your home, we explain when and how to water your new grass along with other care instructions. Please contact us to determine if sod is the right choice for you (724) 350-1351.

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