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Overseeding Lawn Services

Lawn Overseeding

Does it seem like you pull one weed only to have two more take its place? Maybe your lawn in Washington, PA, Upper Saint Clair, McMurray or the surrounding communities in Pennsylvania looks dry and lifeless even though you mow and maintain it consistently. One reason for this is the slow growth of grass blades as they reach maturity. Since they only have a life span of less than 60 days, you need to ensure that new grass growth keeps pace with dying grass. Hiring Dolan's Outdoor Services to complete overseeding is the easiest way to go about this.

The Overseeding Process

We mow your grass as short as possible before we start spreading seeds to ensure the seeds can reach the soil without obstruction. Materials on the top layer of your grass, such as clippings and leaves, can block the seeds from getting to where they need to go. We also rake your yard to prevent this from happening.

If you don’t spread grass seeds evenly, your grass could end up in worse condition due to uneven growth. Our lawn care crew members use spreaders to make sure that every inch of your lawn receives the right number of seeds. If you have obstacles on your lawn such as a landscape bed, we lay seed with a drop spreader.

The Best Time for Overseeding in Pennsylvania

We agree with the Penn State College of Agriculture Sciences that the best times to overseed your lawn in our climate are late winter, any time in the spring, and in the early fall. This gives you a wide window of opportunity to complete this task and benefit from the new grass growth. If you choose to have us complete overseeding in the spring or early fall, your lawn may benefit from aeration at that time as well. Please contact us to learn more about how overseeding can revitalize a dull-looking lawn.

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