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Residential Mowing Services

Lawn mowing services for homeowners in the Washington, PA area.

Wouldn’t it be nice to come home from work and relax with your family instead of spending an hour or more mowing the lawn every week? When you hire Dolan's Outdoor Services, you can get some of your free time back. We offer professional lawn mowing services to homeowners in Washington, PA with all types of lawns.

Do you live on a property with several acres of grass to cut? That’s no problem. We can work with any situation, including mowing around gates, tight spaces, lawn ornaments, and other obstacles. Best of all, you can establish a regular lawn mowing schedule and cross this chore off your list. A consistent schedule of lawn mowing promotes healthy growth of your grass by discouraging diseases from taking hold.

Your Lawn is the First Thing People Notice About Your Property

Whether fair or not, people form an impression of you by the appearance of your lawn. When you regularly allow the grass to grow tall before cutting it, they could assume you don’t care how your yard looks and its effect on the neighborhood. Keeping up with lawn mowing improves the aesthetics of not only your yard, but the entire neighborhood in Washington, PA. A properly manicured lawn makes your home look inviting while a yard with overgrown grass can have the opposite effect.

We Take Our Time to Mow Your Lawn Right

The old saying that you get what you pay for is as true with lawn mowing as it is with anything else. You could hire your teenage neighbor for the job, but you can’t expect the same quality you would receive with a professional lawn maintenance company like Dolan's Outdoor Services. We mow in even rows and around landscape beds for a uniform appearance. Give us a call (724) 350-1351, when you’re ready to leave this job to the professionals.

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