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Residential Lawn Drainage

Lawn & Landscape Drainage

Having too much water on your lawn or landscaping at your home in the Washington, PA area can cause just as many problems as having too little. Even a small amount of rainfall can cause pooling in grass or landscape beds. Some other common problems include:

How Dolan’s Outdoor Services Can Solve Your Lawn Drainage Problems

When clients contact us about water build-up on their lawn or landscaped areas, we immediately evaluate what is causing the problem. While we don’t install entire gutter systems, we can offer you the following types of rain conductors to solve your water pooling problem:

Once the water is inside of a rain conductor, it moves to someplace more productive like the Washington city sewer or a part of your landscape where the water won’t harm anything.

Make Sure Your Lawn and Landscape Gets the Right Amount of Water

Your outdoor plants obviously need some water for nourishment, but knowing how much is too much can be tricky. It’s a good thing you can depend on the landscape and lawn care professionals at our company to direct the unnecessary water somewhere else.

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