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Custom landscape lighting at a residential property in Waynesburg.

Landscape Lighting Services in Washington, Waynesburg, & McMurray, PA

Illuminate your residential landscape and your home with a custom-designed landscape lighting system that uses low-voltage lighting.

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Landscape Lighting Services for Homes in Washington, PA & Nearby Areas

Increase visibility of your landscaping and highlight your home's best architectural features with a custom landscape lighting system.

Dolan's Outdoor Services can add beautiful landscape lighting to your professional landscaping in Washington, Waynesburg, McMurray or any of the surrounding communities in Pennsylvania.

By adding strategically placed custom landscape lighting, you can highlight your home’s best architectural features in addition to drawing attention to your prized trees, plants, flowers, and landscape beds.

We Use LED Low Voltage Landscape Lighting for Energy Efficiency, Safety, and Maximum Impact

A home with new landscape lighting located in Washington, PA.

LED low voltage landscape lighting offers many benefits over its 120-volt counterpart, including safety and lower cost. Even though LED low voltage lights receive one-tenth of the power of high-wattage systems, they can create breathtaking effects thanks to a step-down transformer.

This includes everything from a subtle glow reflecting off a garden wall to an ethereal moonlight beam on your trees. It takes an artist’s eye to place a landscape lighting system just right, which is exactly what our designers and installers are.

What Does an LED Low Voltage Landscape Lighting System Consist Of?

Typically, an LED low voltage landscape lighting system relies on step-down power from your house to operate most efficiently. Its parts include:

  • Transformer: This reduces the 120-volt current coming from the house to a safer 12-volt current.
  • Fixture housing: This part protects the bulbs from weather conditions and assists in shaping the light beam.
  • Stake: We use this to stabilize the fixture housing.
  • Bulbs: The bulbs you choose determine the beam width, brightness, and color of light in addition to how much electricity it uses.
  • Cables: These carry current to light via the lead wires of the fixtures.

Benefits of a Landscape Lighting System

While landscape lighting adds obvious aesthetic benefits by spotlighting and illuminating your home and landscape features, there are also some practical benefits to adding a landscape lighting system at your residential property.

Outdoor lighting helps to increase overall visibility at your home, lighting up walkways, driveways, and entryways so it's much easier to navigate the property once it's dark outside. In turn, it also adds an additional layer of safety. Criminals are less likely to try and break into a home if points of entry are well-lit and visible to others. 

Our landscape lighting contractors will plan out a completely customized system that adds both safety and visibility to your property.

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Landscape lighting could make you the talk of the neighborhood as people admire your property both day and night. Please contact us to request a consultation so we can plan how to best serve you. Our team is available to speak with you at (724) 350-1351. We service residential properties in Washington, Waynesburg, McMurray, and nearby areas of Pennsylvania.