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Digging a new drainage line at a residential property.

Drainage & Rain Conductors in Washington, Waynesburg, & McMurray, PA

Our drainage solutions and rain conductors move water away from your home and stop it from pooling in problem areas of your yard.

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Landscape Drainage Solutions for Homes in Washington, PA & Nearby Communities

Get rid of excess water on your property or near your foundation with drainage or rain conductors installed by our landscape company.

Having too much water in your yard at your home in the Washington area can cause just as many problems as having too little. Even a small amount of rainfall can cause pooling in grass or landscape beds. Some other common problems include:

  • Grade changes: Slight grading variations on your property as well as the properties of your nearest neighbors can cause excess water build-up.
  • Downspouts: A common issue in landscaped areas is downspouts that have nowhere to drain. When water from rainfall doesn’t get directed anywhere, it leads to dying plants within the landscape. Plants don’t do well with too much moisture at their feet.
  • Moisture in the foundation: If your landscaped areas have any type of slope or was graded improperly in the past, the water could flow towards the foundation. This could eventually cause you to have water in your basement.

How Dolan’s Outdoor Services Can Solve Your Landscape Drainage Problems

Drainage being installed t a home in McMurray, PA.

When clients contact us about water build-up on their landscaped areas, we immediately evaluate what is causing the problem. While we don’t install entire gutter systems, we can offer you the following types of rain conductors to solve your water pooling problem:

  • Catch basins and channel drains
  • Downspout piping
  • Dry river beds
  • Dry wells
  • French drains
  • Pop-up emitters
  • Slotted and perforated drains

Once the water is inside of a rain conductor, it moves to someplace more productive like the Washington, PA city sewer or a part of your landscape where the water won’t harm anything.

Make Sure Your Landscape Gets the Right Amount of Water

Your outdoor plants obviously need some water for nourishment, but knowing how much is too much can be tricky. Too much water can lead to fungal diseases such as brown patch or root rot. It’s a good thing you can depend on the landscape professionals at our company to direct the unnecessary water somewhere else. 

Do you have drainage issues at your residential property?

If your residential property is experiencing drainage issues, you may need to address it before your home experiences foundational damage or your landscaping is compromised. Call us at (724) 350-1351 to get in touch with our drainage contractors who can help put together a plan to address any drainage issues you may have.