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Residential Annual Flowers

Add Seasonal Color to Your Home with Our Annual Flower Planting Services

It’s a scientific fact that color can have a dramatic effect on your mood. Adding splashes of color to your existing landscape is an excellent way to improve the appearance of your yard as well as lift your spirits every time you look outside or spend time outdoors. Dolan's Outdoor Services works with homeowners in and around Washington, PA to plan and implement flower gardens to complement the existing landscape and brighten the entire yard.

What Are Annual Flowers?

As beautiful as annual flowers are, they die at the end of each growing season and must be re-planted again the following spring. The good news is that many flowers do exceptionally well in our warm and humid summers. They grow from the early days of spring until the first frost. Here are several types of flowers that grow well in Washington, PA climate:

Our Process to Make Your Annuals Grow Fuller and Healthier

We follow these steps when planting your flowers to ensure their healthy growth:

Compost provides your annual flowers with nutrients and allows for better drainage. We are happy to discuss this process with you in greater detail during your initial consultation with Dolan's Outdoor Services.

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