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Lawn Aeration Services

Lawn Aeration & Dethatching Services

thick build-up of thatch can give your lawn a dull, brown, and unhealthy appearance. Many homeowners in Washington, PA are unaware of thatch build-up because it occurs beneath the surface of the grass. They’re confused about the appearance of their lawn since they mow regularly and take good care of it. If you can relate, hiring Dolan's Outdoor Services for lawn aeration and dethatching can bring your lawn back to life.

How Does Your Lawn Develop Thatch?

The term thatch refers to a layer of grass that contains a mixture of various debris, including roots, lawn clippings, and plant stems. Thatch become compacted and eventually causes damage to your lawn. The most significant damage occurs when thatch gets to be more than half an inch long. Some things that can cause the development and compaction of thatch include:

Removing thatch with a special rake is the first step in improving the health of your lawn. Since this is an infrequent service, most homeowners in the Washington area don’t have the equipment or skills needed to effectively complete the job. However, we do and we’re happy to help.

Understanding Lawn Aeration

After raking your grass with a dethatching rake, our lawn care crew uses special equipment to puncture it with holes averaging three to four inches in depth. This process enables nutrients such as water, fertilizer, and oxygen to reach the root level of your grass.

Although dethatching and aeration is highly beneficial for your lawn, it can also be hard on it and your grass needs time to recover. It’s best to complete these procedures when the weather is cooler because your grass isn’t growing as quickly. We recommend early spring or late fall in Washington, PA, but we will work with you to determine the best time based on the current health of your lawn. Please contact us for a consultation today.

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