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Commercial Sod Installation Services

New sod for your business can improve your appearance overnight!

Are you worried that the brown or patchy lawn at your commercial property could send the wrong message to customers? Maybe you’re fighting a losing battle with weeds and can no longer justify the time or resources it takes to control them. These are just two situations when replacing the grass at your company with sod makes sense. Rather than plant grass seed and wait for it to grow, sod is a quick fix that gives you a new lawn. Dolan's Outdoor Services works with business owners in Washington, PA, Upper Saint Clair and McMurray to lay new sod and remove the old grass when necessary.

Determining the Best Type of Sod for Your Commercial Property

Pennsylvania’s prolonged cold weather season and warm summers require a grass that can keep pace with large fluctuations in temperature. Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, and fescues are just three types of sod that do well here. Besides climate, we consider how much direct sunlight your new sod will receive, the type of soil you currently have, and whether people or pets walk across the grass frequently. This allows us to make a custom sod recommendation for your commercial property.

Steps to Placing Your New Lawn

Prior to laying the new sod we need to make sure that it can recieve adequate water supply for nourishment. Your new lawn needs a steady supply of water and other nutrients for it to continue to grow in its new environment. We take special care in selecting your new irrigation system because we understand that business owners in Washington and the surrounding communities want to conserve water and energy.

The next step is to create a base to hold the rows of sod in place. After completing all necessary steps to do that, we finish the sod installation by adding fertilizer. With your new lawn in place, you can feel confident that you’re representing your business well to the community.

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