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Our truck with a plow, plowing a commercial property in McMurray.

Commercial Snow
Removal & Deicing in Washington, Waynesburg, & McMurray, PA

For businesses in Washington, Waynesburg, McMurray & surrounding areas.

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Safety first for your customers, we make sure your walkways, entrances and parking lot is free of snow and ice.

Nothing can slow down the normal routine of a workday like a major dumping of snow. It makes it difficult for people to get in and out of your parking lot and to walk on sidewalks to get into your building. Removing the snow as quickly as possible makes your commercial property more attractive and functional. It also improves safety for your customers and employees.

While snow can be an annoyance, ice covering your parking lots and walkways can be a significant hazard. You could be held liable if someone slips on ice and sustains a serious injury on your property. Dolan Outdoor Services offers snow removal and deicing services to business owners in Washington, Waynesburg, and McMurray to ensure safety and continuous access to the property.

Removing Snow From Your Parking Lot & Walkways

Large tractor snow plow removing snow from a local commercial property.

We use commercial plowing equipment to remove the snow from your parking lot quickly. It would simply take too long to do it any other way. When pushing the snow into piles, we take care to leave as many parking spots open as possible. We also check to make sure that a snow pile won’t obstruct a driver’s view.

For commercial sidewalks and entranceways, we find that shoveling by hand or using a snow blower works best. Our snow removal crew makes sure that the paths are wide enough for people to comfortably make their way to each entrance of your building.

Deicing For Safety

We apply a salt mixture to your entire parking lot as well as all walkways and entranceways to your building. This neutralizes the ice so it is no longer slippery and people can walk safely on your commercial property. You can schedule regular snow removal and deicing services or contract us to come out each time it snows. We are happy to go over our snow removal and deicing packages in more detail during your personal consultation.