Installing a landscape bed is a huge decision and once it is there, you need to ensure it is protected. The best way to protect your plants and soil is by adding ground cover such as mulch or rock. Both provide extensive benefits such as moisture retention, weed blocking, prevention of moisture evaporating, and more.

In Waynesburg, Washington, McMurray, and the surrounding areas of Pennsylvania, mulch and rock are both popular choices for residential and commercial properties. Learn about both choices and decide which one may be a good fit for your property.

Mulch vs. Rock: Which Is Better?

Both mulch and rock have pros and cons, so it is important for you as the property owner to learn about both of them to make an informed choice about the landscaping that you paid a lot of money to have designed and installed in your yard. Check out the comparison of these two ground cover options below.

Rock is more expensive initially, but will not need to be replenished like mulch.

If you do not want to pay a higher upfront cost, then keep in mind that rock installation will initially be more expensive. Mulch is cheaper to install the first time around, but it will need to be replaced every year because some of it will break down or wash away in stormwater, which means the cost of rock could end up being more economical in the long run.

Both offer a variety of options and designs.

Hardwood mulch can be dyed in different colors such as red, brown, and black and can be double-shredded mulch or bark chips depending on the look and feel you desire. Rock options include white or gray river rock, red lava rock, or other types of stone. For a unique design, consider blending them in your landscaping.

Dark mulch landscape bed at a Washington, PA home.

Mulch requires more maintenance than rock.

Rock is very low maintenance and only requires an occasional spraying down to clean it and remove buildup of dirt in order to keep up your curb appeal. Mulch, on the other hand, requires more maintenance as it will need to be refreshed every year or sometimes replaced in periods of heavy rain or snowmelt water runoff.

Overall, mulch tends to be the more popular choice.

Mulch is usually more popular because more often than not, customers want to be budget conscious or change their landscape designs more often. If you want a low maintenance ground cover and do not mind the higher cost, then consider choosing rock for your landscape.

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