Winter is often overlooked as a good time to start a huge landscaping project. Many consumers think of it as a slow time and don't begin thinking about their lawn and landscaping until spring, but it’s much too late by this point.

Getting a head start on your lawn and landscape is the best way to have your exterior property ready for the new growing season. If you want to start a full-scale landscape project for your home or business in Washington, Waynesburg, and nearby areas before the new year, it’s far better to start in the winter than waiting until early spring.

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The winter provides additional time to plan for the spring season.

Designing and installing an entirely new landscape is a lengthy and detailed task. Several elements need finalizing before a project can be started, like your choice of ground coverings, softscapes, and outdoor lighting.

It’s better to give yourself plenty of time to plan and coordinate your landscape design rather than jumping right into it in the spring. A new landscape project is a large investment in your property and substantially impacts the appearance and value of your home or business. You want to be sure you’re going to love the final result.

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Your job will be completed sooner if you plan it for the winter.

You’re not the only resident or business that looks for lawn and landscape services in the spring. What the holidays are to retail stores and delivery drivers is what the spring season is like for the green industry.

Thousands of properties are looking to book the same types of services simultaneously, and many companies will remain fully booked until summer. Getting ahead of the spring rush by planning your landscape project during the winter ensures your property will be ready in time for spring growth.

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Landscape teams can address problems with your landscape better in the winter.

Landscaping features being installed at a home in Houston, PA.

If you haven’t taken a good walk around your property lately, there may be problems with your landscape that you’re not aware of. Before installing a new landscape, it’s important that any disease and/or insect infestations, soil erosion, and drainage issues are resolved. The longer these issues go ignored, the more costly the maintenance and repairs will be. Plus, you don’t want them impacting your new softscapes and landscape design.

It’s easier to see and diagnose landscape issues during the winter to start the proper treatments before the spring. It gives your landscape enough time to receive the treatments’ full benefit and provides a fresh, clean landscape for your installation project.

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By planning in the winter, you can be in contact with the landscaper and ensure they have the plants you like.

You’ll more than likely be in regular contact with your landscaper to make sure all the design and installation details go as planned. One issue you may run into is that they don’t have the exact plants and flowers you wanted. Spring annuals always fly off the shelves in the spring, and some may not be available because they’re not in season. If necessary, your landscaper can order the right softscapes in plenty of time or find a better alternative before the spring growing season.

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Some plants must be planted in early winter for spring color.

Certain perennials and annual plants are meant to be planted in the fall and winter. Early-blooming softscapes will often be healthier and bloom longer into the spring and early summer if they’re planted in cooler weather. According to Penn State, plant bulbs such as tulips, daffodils, irises, and dahlias should be planted before the first frost.

Get a jump start on your landscape project before the spring rush! Dolan's Outdoor Services is here to help!

Mulch landscape bed installed around a paver patio in Waynesburg, PA.

Avoid the spring rush by getting a jump start on your landscape project in the winter! Our landscape team at Dolan's Outdoor Services will work on creating a design that compliments your yard using the best live plants and softscapes. Our native plant selections grow well throughout the seasons, providing your property with year-round color!

We offer landscape design and installation services to homes and businesses located in Washington, Waynesburg, McMurray, and surrounding Pennsylvania cities. Call us today at (724) 350-1351 to receive a price quote on your landscape project.

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