Once spring rolls around, it becomes time to start thinking about sprucing up your landscape beds with new mulch installation, new plants, and new annual flowers.

At Dolan's Outdoor Services, we install annual flowers often for residential and commercial properties in Washington, PA and the surrounding areas such as Waynesburg and McMurray. Learn more about the seven most popular annual flowers in our area.

1. Dragon wing begonias are either pink or red.

Dragon wing begonias in Washington, PA.

A plant that tolerates heat and humidity well, dragon wing begonias bloom in a vibrant red or pink color. They do best in partial shade, but can tolerate full shade as well. We can plant them in containers, plant baskets, or planting beds.

2. Lime sweet potato vines provide a deep, bright green color in your landscaping.

Lime sweet potato vine in Washington, PA.

Ornamental sweet potato vines, despite their name, don't actually grow sweet potatoes. These vines boast beautiful leaves that are a lime green color and often heart-shaped and lacy. They thrive in full shade or full sun, making them a versatile plant ideal for any landscaping bed. Their deep, bright green color adds depth to planting beds and balances out the colors from other annual flowering plants.

3. Coleus Wallstreet has leaves that are a rusty orange color.

Coleus wallstreet close up photo in Washington, PA.

Coleus are tropical plants and do best in warm temperatures, which is why a professional should plant them for you. They'll know when it's best to install them, as they should not be planted until overnight temperatures are consistently above 60 degrees. Their rusty orange-colored leaves provide a stark contrast to the colors of other plants, making them a popular choice to install for properties in Washington, PA.

4. Purple fountain grass sprouts purple flowers from the end of its blades.

Purple fountain grass growing in Washington, PA.

A type of ornamental grass, purple fountain grass is so named because it grows long, purple flowers at the end of its blades. It needs a lot of sun for optimal growth and will need to be watered a couple times a week until it's established. It's a drought-tolerant plant, so it will be fairly low-maintenance after that.

5. Sunpatiens can be red, white, purple, pink, and more.

Red sunpatiens planted at a Waynesburg, PA home.

Sunpatiens provide several different colors that can be used in your landscaping. They are a type of impatien that loves full sun. They are great from early spring to late fall, as they are hardy and can tolerate different types of weather. They grow quickly and provide beautiful coverage, as they come in many colors such as pink, purple, white, red, and various shades of those colors.

6. Argyranthemum yellow resembles a daisy with its sunny colors.

Argyranthemum flowers in a variety of colors in McMurray, PA.

This plant's bright yellow blooms have very sunny-like colors, making it resemble a daisy. Argyranthemum yellow usually lives for a while, keeping its blooms throughout the summer. Its height can be anywhere from 18-36 inches and should be spaced apart about 12 inches so it can continue to grow.

7. Red and white wax begonias are a very popular plant for gardens and homes.

White wax begonias planted in Washington, PA.

Another popular annual flower choice in our area are red and white wax begonias. These flowers have been popular for quite a while due to their beautiful blooms and shiny green leaves. In our area, they are an annual if left outside, but they can live inside your home for years. They do best in full sun.

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