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Landscaping on a hill side at a residential property in Waynesburg that includes mulch and rock.
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What Type of Drainage System Is Best for Snow Melt?

What Type of Drainage System Is Best for Snow Melt?

What Type of Drainage System Is Available for Snowmelt in Washington, Waynesburg, McMurray, and surrounding Pennsylvania areas? The first snow of the winter reminds us how beautiful winter can be in the. However, just a few snowfalls in, when the snow begins to pile up, some of the magic seems to wear off. After a few months, we can’t wait for the snow to disappear. When the snow melts, though, it has to go somewhere. Without proper drainage, the water can pool in your yard or seep into your basement, causing unsightly and sometimes costly damage. We are here to help! If you live in or near Washington, Waynesburg, McMurray, or nearby areas and you think you might have a snowmelt drainage issue, be sure to contact us at to discuss your concerns. Winter is an excellent time of year to examine these problems. Call for a Drainage Quote Signs of Drainage Problems When the snow melts, and you find...
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