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Landscaping on a hill side at a residential property in Waynesburg that includes mulch and rock.
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How to Achieve a Low Maintenance Landscape

How to Achieve a Low Maintenance Landscape

When you have a busy schedule, it can be such a task to have to maintain your lawn. But worry not, because we have two tips to help you achieve a low-maintenance lawn. The first is to use native plants found in Pennsylvania, and the second is to use ground covers like mulch and rock. Both offer so many benefits that allow property owners to have a beautiful lawn that will surely up the value of their homes without having to spend too much time on lawn care and maintenance. Read on to learn how to make landscaping made easy. Using native plants will reduce the need for fertilization. One of the best decisions property owners can make is to use native plants for their lawns. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, native plants by definition are those that have been in a certain environment even before European colonization. What makes them low-maintenance? Because they have already adapted to the area, native plants...
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