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Landscaping on a hill side at a residential property in Waynesburg that includes mulch and rock.
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Dangers of Skipping a Fall Cleanup Service In Washington, PA

Dangers of Skipping a Fall Cleanup Service In Washington, PA

As the summer season comes to an end and fall quickly approaches, we must address the damage that can be caused to your lawn by skipping your fall cleanup services. Clearing your lawn of any leaves and debris prepares your landscape before the winter weather hits and reduces the risk of disease and pest infestations. Check out why skipping out on your fall cleanup services negatively impacts the health of your lawn if you are located in Washington, Waynesburg, McMurray, or surrounding Pennsylvania areas. The Trouble with Leaves Left on the Lawn A blanket of leaves can smother your lawn and prevent sunlight, oxygen, and nutrients from reaching your lawns root system. Leaves left on your lawn can trap moisture and lead to several different types of lawn fungus and disease. Mold and rot create the perfect environment for fungus to begin causing damage to your lawn. Insects can hide out in the layer of leaves left on your lawn. Moist leaf piles are...
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