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Landscaping on a hill side at a residential property in Waynesburg that includes mulch and rock.
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The 7 Most Popular Annual Flowers in Washington, PA

The 7 Most Popular Annual Flowers in Washington, PA

Once spring rolls around, it becomes time to start thinking about sprucing up your landscape beds with new mulch installation, new plants, and new annual flowers. At Dolan's Outdoor Services, we install annual flowers often for residential and commercial properties in Washington, PA and the surrounding areas such as Waynesburg and McMurray. Learn more about the seven most popular annual flowers in our area. 1. Dragon wing begonias are either pink or red. A plant that tolerates heat and humidity well, dragon wing begonias bloom in a vibrant red or pink color. They do best in partial shade, but can tolerate full shade as well. We can plant them in containers, plant baskets, or planting beds. 2. Lime sweet potato vines provide a deep, bright green color in your landscaping. Ornamental sweet potato vines, despite their name, don't actually grow sweet potatoes. These vines boast beautiful leaves that are a lime green color and often heart-shaped and lacy. They...
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