We love living and working in Washington, PA, so it only makes sense that our passion is to make this area look as beautiful as we possibly can. When our customers called wanting a complete landscape installation at their home, we were happy to help them plan out and design a new landscape that fit their needs and wants.

Learn more about this extensive landscape installation that we did and the steps that were taken to make this yard look absolutely gorgeous.

First, we designed the landscape beds and had the property owners approve them.

Our first step during any landscape project is to schedule a consultation, where we meet with the property owners to learn what they would like to see in their yard and their total project budget. After that, our crew heads back to the office to create a comprehensive landscape design and send it back to the customer for approval. Once they have approved the design, we begin the installation process.

We planted a variety of shrubs, small trees, and ornamental grasses.

Landscape bed with curves, plants, and boulders in Washington, PA.

During the installation phase, we used our extensive knowledge to plant each type of shrub, small tree, and ornamental grass exactly where it would best thrive. Some types of plants require full to partial sun, while others need full to partial shade. We took those requirements into consideration when deciding where was best to plant each type of plant.

To perfectly accent the plants and shrubs, we added in some natural boulders throughout the curved landscape beds.

The landscape beds were finished off with a deep brown mulch installation.

Once the shrubs and trees were planted, we covered the entire landscape bed with deep brown hardwood mulch. The dark color of the mulch contrasts well with the bright green lawn around it. By using organic mulch, we provided this landscaping with extensive benefits such as:

  • Weed growth will be better prevented. With the right amount of mulch, weeds will not be able to grow in these landscape beds.
  • The underlying soil will not erode away. Mulch helps to stop soil from eroding during a storm or when the winter snows begin to melt.
  • Plant roots and soil are protected from extreme temperature changes. When we transition from winter to spring, there are often late frosts that can negatively affect the landscape plants. Mulch helps insulate the soil and plants in this instance.
  • Moisture will be retained and won't evaporate away in the sun. The summer sun can cause water to evaporate quickly before plants absorb it. This mulch will stop that from happening.

Here are some more photos from this recent project!

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