Many property owners think that mulch is just used for aesthetic purposes, however, that is far from the truth! While it does look beautiful, it is also very beneficial to your soil and your plants.

Did you know that mulch can help prevent weed growth? Well, good news! It can! Adding mulch to your landscape beds will also insulate your soil, protect against extreme temperature changes, prevent soil erosion, and more. Certain types of mulch can even repel bugs! Read on for a more in-depth explanation of how mulch can actually help keep your soil and plants healthy.

Mulch protects your soil from erosion, temperature changes, and moisture loss.

When you add a layer of mulch that is a few inches deep, you are thoroughly covering your soil. This will greatly benefit your soil, therefore, your plants as well! Check out the ways mulch can help protect your landscape.

Mulch will:

  1. Prevent soil erosion - Soil erosion is a natural process that happens over time. However, mulch will significantly slow this process. Natural elements like rain and wind will blow your soil around if it is left unprotected. A thick layer of mulch will block your soil from these natural elements and keep it safe from shifting.
  2. Insulate your soil - We can experience some pretty drastic temperature changes in Pennsylvania. Mulch is used to protect your landscaping from extreme temperatures. During the winter months, it acts as an insulating blanket and creates a protective layer between the soil and the cold air temperatures. While in the summer the mulch helps to keep the soil cool.
  3. Retain moisture - With mulch, your soil will stay moist for a longer period of time. This not only means that you get to spend less time watering your plants, but you conserve water, too!

Mulch will help prevent weeds from growing in your landscape beds.

Wood and rock mulch landscape bed installed near Houston, PA.

Weeds can be annoying not only because they make your landscape look messy, but they also take very little time spreading and taking over your whole landscape bed if they are not eradicated. By adding a layer of mulch, you will add two layers of protection:

  1. Mulch helps prevent weed seeds from reaching your soil in the first place. If they find their way to your landscape bed, they will need to travel down through a thick barrier of mulch before they get to an ideal germination spot in your soil.
  2. If weed seeds do make their way through the mulch and come into contact with the soil, the weed will need ample sunlight to grow. A layer of mulch will block the sunlight, making it difficult for weeds to grow.

For even more protection, install natural wood mulch such as cedar or cypress. They contain natural oils that pesky bugs like termites and mosquitoes will want to stay away from!

As mulch decomposes, it will release extra nutrients into your soil.

Mulch is even beneficial when it starts to break down. Many types of mulch are made from organic material, meaning it will eventually start to break down. Have no fear, though! This is a great thing for your soil. Organic mulches contain essential nutrients that will be released into your soil during decomposition. This gives your plants extra, nutrients.

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Mulch not only gives your property an aesthetic lift, but it also provides many health benefits for your plants. However, you can't just throw the mulch on your landscape bed and call it a day. There is a strategic way to install mulch. If done incorrectly, you could accidentally harm your plants.

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