It may not seem like it, but spring is on its way! For landscapers, that means it's time to start performing spring cleanups, but you may be wondering if it’s worth all the fuss. Unlike fall cleanups, which are very much about getting rid of the leaves, spring cleanups in Washington, Waynesburg, and nearby areas of Pennsylvania involves:

  • Winter debris cleanup
  • Spring pruning and trimming
  • Landscape bed prep
  • Pre-emergent weed control

These spring services are vital for your landscape's health and beauty. Read more about spring cleanup services and how they will improve your property!

Pruning shrubs and perennials

Pruning isn’t just a fall activity. Some plants thrive when they are pruned in late winter/early spring, and pruning is critical for plant health and aesthetics.

When plants are pruned correctly, they are rejuvenated and tend to grow back stronger than before. The pruning process is slightly different for every plant type, but the general idea is to avoid overcrowding, get rid of dead/diseased branches, and give the stronger branches more room to grow.

If you don’t prune or trim, plants look scraggly, have dead foliage, and encourage fungal growth, disease, and insect infestations. Pruning also helps control growth—certain plants grow quicker, and pruning helps keep them from overtaking other species and cluttering your landscape.

Pre-emergent weed control

Nobody likes weeds in their yard because when they do spring up, they grow deep and become very hard to eradicate. It's important to know that pre-emergent doesn't treat existing weeds, rather it stops weed seeds from being able to germinate, which prevents future weeds from springing up. It's best to do this when the soil begins to soften as the warm weather ushers in.

We recommend having a pre-emergent weed control treatment performed in the springtime. There are options for a slow-release granular treatment or a liquid treatment. Pre-emergent weed treatment starts your grass and plants off on the right foot for the upcoming growing season!

Blowing out leaves and debris from landscape beds

A couple of leaves leftover isn't a problem, but if you skipped a fall cleanup or were lazy in your DIY approach, you're going to run into some issues (if you haven't already). Leaves will smother the ground layer in your landscape beds and yard.

So what?

The problem is that leftover leaves from the fall will begin to thaw out and decompose. While this might sound like free fertilizer, it isn't! Rotting leaves will attract:

  • Insects
  • Fungal disease
  • Voles and mice
  • Snow mold

Leaves and sticks can also clog drains. Noticing a pattern? Spring leaves are terrible for your yard.

The other part of a spring cleanup is simply getting rid of all of those fallen branches and sticks. You'll notice that these sticks tend to multiply over the season and create unnecessary clutter in your yard.

A spring cleanup service also means generally sprucing up the landscape beds. Obviously, the leaves and sticks have to go, but we can start to edge the perimeter for shape and re-mulch the landscape beds for spring and summer plantings.

A landscape bed of bushes and pink flowers.

Get ahead of the rush. Plan ahead and schedule your spring cleanup today.

As you can see, a spring cleanup may be just what your property needs. When the snow starts to melt, that’s when we start to get busy. Let us take care of the yard work for you, and schedule a spring cleanup today. Our company has years of experience working with commercial and residential properties in Washington, Waynesburg, and other nearby areas of Pennsylvania. Call us today at (724) 350-1351 to get on our spring schedule!