Making the decision to install a new landscaping project is a big leap, and it is natural to have many questions throughout the process, such as how much it will cost, the estimated time it will take to complete, and how much the project will add to the value of your property.

At Dolan's Outdoor Services, we have worked with many customers throughout Pennsylvania, and we can help you answer all those questions. Learn here how long it takes on average to complete a landscape project in areas such as Waynesburg, Washington, McMurray, and the surrounding communities.

The Consultation: 1-2 Days

Within a few days of you reaching out to our company for an estimate, we will meet with you at your residential or commercial property for an initial consultation. During this meeting, our landscaping professionals will discuss with you what exactly you would like to see as the final end result, your budget for the project, and any other factors that may come into play during the process.

The Design & Planning Phase: 1 Week

After the initial consultation, our design team heads back to the office. We take all the notes from our meeting into consideration as we plan your landscape's overall design. We use state-of-the-art design software to create a proposed design where you can see exactly what the project will look like once it is completed. Generally, the design can be completed within one week's time. After it is done, we send it back to you so you can review it and provide us with any changes.

If you have changes, it could take more than a week depending on how many drafts we need to go through to get it 100 percent right.

Scheduling Your Job on the Calendar: Within 2 Weeks of Design Approval

Once you have approved your new landscape design, we can schedule your project on our calendar. If you contact us in early spring, it is more likely that we can fit the project in sooner. After that, it becomes peak season and we may have a higher wait time of up to two weeks, occasionally more than that depending on our schedule.

Installing the Landscape Project: 1-2 Days or Weeks

Landscape installation in process near Waynesburg, PA.

As we arrive at your residential or commercial property to begin installing your new landscape project, plan to see our professional crews anywhere from a couple of days to a couple of weeks, depending on the scope of your project. If you have a larger project, it may take us up to two weeks to finish installing the entire thing. We always perform each job with high attention to detail. After the project is done, our crew will do a final walkthrough with you so you can approve the final results.

Want to chat with us about your ideas for new landscaping at your property? Give us a call.

If you've been contemplating a new landscaping project for your property in Waynesburg, Washington, McMurray, or surrounding Pennsylvania areas, then give our company a call today at (724) 350-1351! From start to finish, we can typically complete a project in 3-4 weeks.