Our clients in Canonsburg, PA were tired of looking at their dead, empty lawn every time they walked to their front door. They were excited to use this opportunity of nearly a blank slate to customize their front yard. Our team was called in to revive their hillside landscape and turn it into a luscious green lawn matched with landscape beds full of dark chocolate mulch. We were excited to work on this property because, just like the homeowners, we saw the great potential that this lawn had.

Our first step was to sit down and collaborate with the homeowners to get an exact idea of what they were thinking for their new design. They wanted to change every single aspect of their front lawn with the exception of three things: their walkway, the beautiful outdoor lamp next to that walkway, and a small tree positioned in the middle of their lawn. The features that they wanted to add included landscape beds, shrubs, mini trees, boulders, walkway lights, and new grass. Continue reading to learn more about this landscape renovation in Canonsburg, PA, and to spark new ideas for your own upcoming home renovation project.

Low-Maintenance Landscape Bed Additions Included Boulders, Shrubs, & Mini Trees

Finished landscape bed complete with dark mulch, trees, and shrubs, in Cannonsburg, PA.

The most exciting and creative part of the project was the design and installation of the landscape beds. We decided to fully incorporate their walkway by shaping their freeform landscape beds on either side of it, making the walkway flow right through the middle of the beds.

Next, we focused on the look of their landscape beds and how our clients wanted to decorate them. From the type and color of the mulch to the types of plants and shrubs, this opened up a lot of opportunities for creativity. Our clients chose dark chocolate mulch to make it stand out from their brick home and their soon-to-be green grass. For their additions, they chose a variety of options including boulders, shrubs, and mini trees.

Overall, their landscape beds were designed to have a low-maintenance result. The boulders require no maintenance at all, while the shrubs and mini trees only require some water here and there. This made our clients very happy to know that they could spend their free time doing things other than taking care of their landscape beds!

We Used LED Bulbs for the Outdoor Lighting

Finished hillside landscape project complete with LED outdoor lighting in Cannonsburg, PA.

After the landscape beds, we focused on the outdoor lighting that would line their walkway. This addition had many different perks; these black mini lights not only match the tall lamp that our clients wanted to keep from their old lawn, but they also offer safety aspects with very few maintenance requirements.

Because we used LED bulbs to line the walkway, our clients don't have to worry about changing the bulb every year. LED lights not only last a long time, but they also use significantly less energy than incandescent bulbs. This low-maintenance, money-saving option made these homeowners very happy!

Transforming Dead Grass to Lush, Green Turf Using Seeding & Fertilizer

Thick green grass grown in front of a home in Cannonsburg, PA.

The last goal of this landscape renovation was to transform the dead grass throughout the lawn to healthy turf. To do this, we used our seeding and fertilizer process. The first step was to mow the existing grass as short as possible. This ensured that the seeds would have the best chance at reaching the soil and germinating. We also raked the lawn to free it from any other obstructions such as clippings and leaves.

After preparation, our crew spread grass seeds throughout the lawn using machinery called spreaders, which made sure that every inch of the lawn was evenly covered with seeds. Fertilization and watering the lawn were the next two important steps to help each seed have the best chance at germinating and growing strong roots. After this process, our clients were left with a lush, green lawn.

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Looking to renovate your lawn like our clients in Canonsburg?

Our crew loved this renovation project because there was so much room for creativity and we left our clients with a beautiful front yard full of low-maintenance additions. If this project sparked any ideas for your own lawn, give us a call at (724) 350-1351! Our services are offered to both residential and commercial properties located in and around Washington, Waynesburg, and McMurray, Pennsylvania.