Enjoying the harvest of a beautiful landscape can only be achieved by putting in the labor and special attention that it requires. By signing up for a full-service landscape maintenance package, you will save time and avoid the headache of trying to maintain your landscape yourself. A bundle of services will allow you to make one payment and get everything taken care of! The best full-service landscape maintenance packages involve refreshing your mulch and rock ground coverings, edging and weeding your landscape beds, and trimming your trees and shrubs. The right landscape maintenance company will ensure that your yard always looks its best.

A full-service landscape maintenance program will save you time and make your life easier!

Professional landscape maintenance is the best way to keep your property looking great throughout the year without having to spend your own free time taking care of it yourself. Along with saving you time, full-service landscape maintenance programs will make your life much easier by allowing you to make one payment towards the program instead of having to keep track of multiple payments for each individual service.

Look for a full-service landscape maintenance program that includes edging, weeding, trimming, and more.

A tidy landscape bed with rock mulch and landscape maintenance near Houston, PA.

When you opt for a full-service landscape maintenance program, you should be covered by the basics. This includes mulch and rock ground covering refreshments, landscape bed edging and weeding, and plant trimming. These services will maintain your landscape year-round, which will save you the time and energy it would take to do this yourself.

Here is why these 4 services are important:

  1. Mulch and rock refreshments: The two types of ground coverings commonly used for landscape beds are mulch and rock. Either of these will provide a much-needed layer of protection to your landscape beds. Ground coverings keep harsh temperatures from accessing the roots of your plants by insulating and regulating the soil temperature. Ground coverings also prevent weed growth and retain water, so they will continuously moisten and improve the health of your plants. Mulch and rocks need to be refreshed at least once a year to keep your plants in optimal condition.
  2. Edging of landscape beds: While mowing your yard, it can be hard to reach the areas close to your landscape beds. After a while, the grass around your beds will grow long and look messy. Landscape bed edging is important for achieving the most precise finish on your property. During this process, landscape maintenance professionals typically cut the grass around your beds and create a nice, clean line to distinguish where your lawn ends and your landscape bed begins.
  3. Weeding of landscape beds: Unfortunately, weeds are a regular part of nearly all soil and can be a pain to deal with. They deprive your plants of receiving adequate water and other essential nutrients by hogging everything for themselves. Fortunately, you can get ahead of the damage that weeds cause by selecting a landscape maintenance service that offers landscape bed weed removal.
  4. Shrubs and tree trimming: Your shrubs and trees need maintenance as much as the rest of your landscape does to reveal their best appearance. Regular trimming will remove loose and hanging branches and improve the shape and structure of your vegetation. This service will greatly enhance the aesthetic of your landscape.

A well-maintained landscape will improve your property's curb appeal and increase the value of your home.

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