As the summer season comes to an end and fall quickly approaches, we must address the damage that can be caused to your lawn by skipping your fall cleanup services. Clearing your lawn of any leaves and debris prepares your landscape before the winter weather hits and reduces the risk of disease and pest infestations.

Check out why skipping out on your fall cleanup services negatively impacts the health of your lawn if you are located in Washington, Waynesburg, McMurray, or surrounding Pennsylvania areas.

The Trouble with Leaves Left on the Lawn

A blanket of leaves can smother your lawn and prevent sunlight, oxygen, and nutrients from reaching your lawns root system.

Leaves left on your lawn can trap moisture and lead to several different types of lawn fungus and disease. Mold and rot create the perfect environment for fungus to begin causing damage to your lawn.

Insects can hide out in the layer of leaves left on your lawn. Moist leaf piles are attractive to insects, and they will infest your lawn, possibly injuring it more. The cold winter may kill off the pests, but lawn damage will likely have already occurred and will need to be handled in the spring.

The Importance of Fall Yard Cleanup

Fall leaves being raked up at a Washington, PA home.

Fall cleanup services will help improve the health and appearance of your lawn and keep your curb appeal neat and tidy. Nutrients need to get into the soil to keep the root system healthy, therefore giving the grass a better chance of surviving the winter. A healthy lawn in the fall means a good, strong start in the spring. Maintaining a healthy and beautiful lawn is not only good for the look of your home, but also the look of the entire community.

Services Offered with Fall Cleanup

At Dolan's Outdoor Services, we can do the hard work for you! Take a look at what other services are included in our fall cleanup that we can perform for your landscape:

  • Leaf cleanup
  • Small natural debris cleanup
  • Cut back perennials and grasses
  • Disposal of leaves and debris
  • Gutter cleaning (additional fee)

Professional fall cleanup services keep your yard clean and protected for the cold weather ahead!

The cold weather may be fast approaching, but there's still plenty of time to hire professional fall cleanup services for your residential or commercial property! Don't hesitate to call our team at (724) 350-1351 to see how we can protect the health and appearance of your landscape in time for the spring season!

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