Perennials, trees, and shrubs are natural eye-catchers and give show-stopping pops of color to your landscape. That is why our clients love them so much! Here in the state of Pennsylvania, there are certain types of vegetation that our clients just can't get enough of. Below are examples of the most popular perennials, trees, and shrubs that we plant frequently in the Washington area.

Popular Perennials in Pennsylvania

Perennials offer benefits to homeowners like the fact that they require less maintenance than annuals do. Instead of digging them up when they die and replanting them each year, perennials grow back and all you have to do is prune them to make sure that there is room for them to continue to grow. Below are the 2 most common perennials that we plant in our area.


Yellow daylilly in bloom near Waynesburg, PA.

Daylilies are so popular because not only are they beautifully vibrant with a mix of reds, oranges, and yellows, but they also grow fast and thrive for a long time. However, don't let their beauty fool you; they are known for their toughness and ability to tolerate a wide variety of soil conditions. If you are planting daylilies this year, make sure to plant them in an area that will receive full sun to partial sun exposure.

Black-Eyed Susans

Black-eyed susans blooming at a property in Washington, PA.

These native wildflowers bloom in the summertime and during the fall season. They are best known as flowers that have yellow petals with a big black circle in the middle, however, they can also come in orange and red varieties. Black-Eyed Susans love moist, well-drained soil and full sun exposure.

Popular Trees in Waynesburg and neighboring areas in Pennsylvania

Trees aren't usually the first thing people think of when they are choosing what to add to their landscape. However, trees make the perfect statement piece and offer great benefits such as shade and environmental impacts. Below are the 2 most common trees that we plant in our area.

Norway Spruce

Norway spruce needles up close at a home in McMurray, PA.

Norway Spruce trees are part of the pine family and have evergreen, year-round foliage. You can use these 50-80 feet tall trees to create windbreakers and privacy hedges on your property. Norway Spruces are great in a variety of soil conditions, so they are a great option for you if your landscape has clay, sandy, or even rocky soil. You can plant these versatile trees in full sun, partial shade, or even full shade.


White serviceberry tree blooming near Canonsburg, PA.

Serviceberry trees are a sight to see through many of our changing seasons. In the springtime, you can see their elegant white blooming flowers. These flowers turn into small edible fruits that taste a lot like blueberries! Leaves begin to emerge and they turn into a dark green color as the weather warms up. Once fall rolls around, Serviceberry trees put on a show with their vibrant, blazing red foliage.

Some of our most popular shrubs.

Shrubs are the perfect addition to landscapes that need a big pop of color. Shrubs come in all different sizes and colors, giving you room for creativity when planning out your landscape beds. Below are the two most common shrubs that we plant in our area.


Fothergilla in bloom near Washington, PA.

Blooming Fothergilla shrubs are creamy-white and give off a sweet, honey-like fragrance that attracts bees. After about 2-3 weeks of blooming, new foliage begins to form. Once the fall season rolls around, you'll see its brilliant yellow, orange, red, and/or burgundy colors. Fothergillas require little maintenance except for occasional pruning, and they are usually pest and disease-resistant. Plant these gorgeous shrubs where they are able to receive full to partial sun exposure.

Limelight Hydrangeas

Limelight hydrangeas blooming at a property in Waynesburg, PA.

Limelight hydrangeas are adaptable shrubs that can tolerate both hot summers and cold winters, including frost. Their foliage starts out as a dark green and then transitions into a creamy white and even pink in the fall. Limelight hydrangeas are drought-tolerant and exceptionally low-maintenance, making them a great option for busy property owners!

Did some of these catch your eye? Give us a call!

If you are looking to add some new color and dimension to your landscape, consider adding perennials, trees, and shrubs. Our team services the Washington, Waynesburg, and McMurray, PA area, as well as some surrounding locations such as Canonsburg. If you want professional help picking out your new lawn additions and installing them, give us a call today at (724) 350-1351!