Deciding to hire a landscape business is a big decision, especially since they will be visiting your property multiple times a year to maintain the landscape project that they install for you. 

Before you make that leap, you need to research that company to make sure they are reputable and hold proper insurance, as well as proof of their past successful installations. Learn about some questions you should ask landscape businesses in Waynesburg, Washington, McMurray, and surrounding cities in Pennsylvania.

1. Are you properly insured?

One of the first things you should always find out before hiring someone is whether or not they have proper insurance. If someone comes to work on your property and they do not have insurance, you can be held liable for any injuries they sustain while working on your property. Verify their insurance coverage to make sure that they will be covered while working for you so that you do not end up facing legal troubles.

A company without insurance may be cheaper, but hiring them is a huge risk for you and your property. Do not be tempted by their lower bid as you may pay much more in the long run to hire them.

Landscape businesses should at least adhere to minimum coverages required by the state of Pennsylvania, but it is even better if they hold additional umbrella coverage.

2. Do you have a portfolio of past work to show?

Beautiful home with fresh landscaping and mulch bed installations in Waynesburg, PA.

If you are looking to add new landscaping to your property or even have your existing landscape maintained, then you will want to ensure the company is well-established and can show you a portfolio of their past work. Installing landscaping is not a cheap task, and if you are investing money into your yard, you want to spend it with a company that has experience and expertise creating beautiful landscapes and maintaining them.

Ask to see examples of different landscape styles so you can see their versatilty and skill, too.

3. Is there a satisfaction guarantee or warranty?

Make sure the company offers some kind of satisfaction guarantee or warranty along with their landscaping services. You do not want to pay thousands of dollars for a new landscape only to be completely dissatisfied with the end results and have no way to recoup your costs or get them to fix the problems. 

Many companies will also offer warranties on the plants that they install, but that warranty is often contingent upon you making sure that the plants are maintained and watered properly.

Are you considering hiring a new landscape business to install a project at your property?

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