As the days get darker, showing off your landscape in the waning light of the evening can only go so far. Landscape lighting can make your landscape visually accessible throughout the entire night.

We offer various custom lighting systems that we can strategically place around your exterior property to highlight your home and landscape features! See which of these five lighting techniques would work best to help illuminate your property!

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Accent Lighting

Accent lighting spotlight for landscape lighting in Washington, PA.

Accent lighting is perfect for showcasing key focal points hidden in darker areas of your landscape. Emphasizing a particular piece of architecture or planting helps make it stand out from the rest of your property. Various lighting techniques can be used for accent lighting, including up, down, and cross lighting.


Silhouette lighting is used by placing a light behind the landscape feature and shining it towards an adjacent wall to create a dark, silhouetted image. The darkened outline helps showcase uniquely trimmed plants and shrubs. This lighting technique is perfect for accenting distinctive landscape design features to create an intriguing outdoor display.

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Shadowing is similar to silhouetting but differs based on the lighting placement. Instead of forming a fully outlined image, it casts a softer shadow against a wall or other structure by projecting light directly onto the desired object.

Trees with more open, delicate foliage benefit from shadowing the most, especially when they move around in the breeze. The effect of the swaying branches and leaves can create intriguing yet mysterious images.


Uplighting landscape lighting technique applied at a home in Amity, PA.

Uplighting is one of the more popular lighting techniques used to illuminate trees, walls, flags, and sculptures. Spotlight fixtures are installed in the ground near the base of the landscape feature and aimed to shine upward. Uplighting produces much more dramatic effects than silhouette or shadow lighting, but many like this lighting technique to highlight their home's exterior.


Moonlighting is often interchanged with the term 'downlighting,' but that technique is usually brighter and not as subtle. As the name suggests, moonlighting involves placing flood or spotlights directly above a specific area or landscape object and aiming the light downwards.

Landscape lighting at a home in Houston, PA.

Moonlighting is a very natural lighting effect and is great for lighting your patio area. The lighting technique mimics a full moon shining down through the trees and creating beautiful shadow-casts that can span across your yard.

Dolan's Outdoor Services's custom landscape lighting uses LED low-voltage lights for better energy efficiency at a lower cost!

Utilizing these different lighting techniques in conjunction with one another can transform a landscape almost instantly. At Dolan's Outdoor Services, we use LED low-voltage bulbs to provide you with energy-efficient lighting at a lower cost.

Light up your landscape throughout the night by calling our team at (724) 350-1351 today! We service residential properties in Washington, Waynesburg, McMurray, and nearby Pennsylvania cities. Our landscape lighting contractors will make sure you get the maximum impact from your customized lighting system!

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