Spring will be here before we know it, and with that comes the need to replenish mulch in your landscaping beds. You may think this step could be skipped, but it's not recommended. At Dolan's Outdoor Services, we provide mulch replenishment and mulch installation for properties in Washington, Waynesburg, McMurray, and surrounding areas of Pennsylvania.

Learn about the benefits mulch can offer your landscaping plants, trees, and shrubs, and why you shouldn't skip this important step this spring.

1. Mulch protects your landscape plants from weed growth.

When mulch is applied in a thick enough layer, ideally 1-2", it can help to protect your existing landscape shrubs, bushes, and plants from any unwanted weed growth. The layer of mulch will stop air, water, and light from reaching weeds. You don't want these weeds to grow unchecked in your landscaping, as this can lead to issues such as affecting soil pH and taking away nutrients from your landscape plants.

2. Mulch helps to prevent soil from eroding out of your planting beds.

Mulch installed at a residential property in Washington, PA.

Proper mulch installation also prevents soil from eroding out of your planting beds. When you've spent money and time in getting that soil fertilized and treated, you want to ensure you're protecting it. Soil can easily wash away in rain or snowmelt, which takes away that important soil full of the nutrients your shrubs and plants need to thrive. Mulch holds that soil in place and keeps it where it needs to be.

3. Mulching aids in retaining moisture in your soil.

When soil is left bare to the summer sun's heat and rays, it quickly loses water—often at a rate faster than the plants can absorb it. If water is evaporating, it means your plants aren't getting enough water and their health can suffer as a result. Your plants, shrubs, and hedges need to be as strong as possible to fight off common threats like plant disease and insect infestations. A solid layer of mulch retains that moisture and doesn't let it escape into the air, where it just turns into water vapor.

4. Mulch insulates your plants from extreme temperature changes.

In our area of Pennsylvania, we can sometimes experience a late frost. This can be detrimental to plants, especially if it's been warmer and they start to come out of winter dormancy. Plants are incredibly vulnerable during this time, but with mulch insulating your soil and roots, it keeps those areas warmer and protects them from any extreme temperature changes that may happen in mid-to-late spring.

Even with a layer of mulch, it's still recommended to take other measures to protect plants from any late frosts. Cover them with a light blanket or cloth to further insulate them and keep them warm.

Interested in mulch installation or replenishment this spring? Contact our team today.

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