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Custom residential landscaping and mulch installation in Amity, PA.

Comprehensive Landscape Maintenance in Amity, PA

We maintain your property's landscaping throughout the year in Amity, PA, and the surrounding cities.

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Highly-rated landscaping company in Amity, PA.

With services such as landscape design & installation, annual flower planting, landscape maintenance, and much more, we work to keep your yard looking great.

Amity, PA is an unincorporated township in Washington County. With many area parks, the township has lots of green space and recreational spots to enjoy.

At Dolan's Outdoor Services, we work with residential and commercial properties in and around Amity to keep their green spaces looking maintained and polished by offering many landscaping services such as annual flower planting, landscape design and maintenance, and more.

Services We Offer to Residential Properties

Landscape bed with mulch installation at a home property in Amity, PA.

For residential properties in the Amity, PA area, we offer a wide variety of services. Seasonal yard cleanups ensure your grass is cleared of accumulated yard debris. 

Landscape maintenance services keep your plants, shrubs, and small trees looking immaculate. We trim their branches periodically to keep them shapely and control overgrowth. Replenishing mulch and rock ground cover gives your landscape beds the chance to look refreshed and gain benefits like erosion prevention, weed growth suppression, and more. Planting annual flowers provides a nice pop of color in spring and fall. We also design and install new landscape beds. Learn more about our residential services:

Commercial Property Services Include Pallet Removal, Snow Plowing, Landscape Maintenance, & More

Annual flowers planted in a custom landscape bed for a commercial property in Amity, PA.

We also service commercial properties in Amity so they can focus on the day-to-day operations of their business. Make sure your business makes a good impression on customers and clients from the very beginning with our landscape maintenance and other services. Our complete commercial maintenance package offers many services such as landscape design, landscape trimming, and much more.

If you need new landscaping installed, we can do that as well. We create a design based on your business and plant shrubs, small trees, and annual flowers. 

We keep your property clear of other issues like snow and ice during the winter and we will also haul off any pallets, crates, or spools. Check out more information on our commercial property services:

Looking for landscape services for your Amity, PA residential or commercial property? Call us!

The team at Dolan's Outdoor Services has several years of experience working on commercial and residential properties throughout Amity, PA and the neighboring communities. We will work during the year to ensure your property's curb appeal is constantly maintained. If you're in need of landscaping services, give us a call today at (724) 350-1351 for a consultation!